Sacred Era

Sacred Feathers

Elizabeth Hlavinka | Atmos | 16th November 2022

Climate change is affecting the supply of feathers available to Native American tribes for ceremonial use. Different peoples require different feathers: canaries, hawks, woodpeckers, eagles and others are all venerated. Some feathers have been unavailable for decades, but now a specialised conservation group collects feathers from zoos and sanctuaries so that these rites can still be practised (2,345 words)

The Flat Era Of Fashion

Ana Kinsella | Dirt | 8th November 2022

Fashion is flat now. Clothes are both designed and worn to be viewed in two dimensions, as product photographs on a website and outfit pictures on social media. Eccentricity is out. Local context is disappearing, too: "Today it doesn’t matter where an influencer lives, because she dresses like she’s from the internet, and that’s all that counts." Everyone is now a walking advertisement (1,139 words)

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