Save Bond

Can An Avant-Garde Filmmaker Save Us?

Rob Madole | Spike | 30th July 2022

Every four years, devotees travel to Lyssaraia, a tiny village in the Peloponnese, to watch ten hours of an 80-hour film titled Eniaios. This epic, composed "almost entirely of black and white flashes", was made by Gregory Markopoulos. He had "a borderline messianic conviction that his work had the power to redeem our media-polluted epoch", and this writer thinks he may have been correct (4,128 words)

Word Is Bond

Peter Mommsen | Plough | 29th August 2022

In praise of vows, from one who has had reason to know: a member of the Bruderhof. It is incorrect to say that a binding bond erodes personal liberty, he argues. The release from "the sterile freedom of endless options" provides greater latitude. "Ultimately, to take a leap of commitment, even without knowing where one will land, is the only way to get to a happiness worth everything" (3,423 words)

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