Seaweed Moles

Banking On The Seaweed Rush

Nicola Jones | Hakai | 14th March 2023

Will we all be eating seaweed soon? Global production has increased sixfold in the last three decades. The attractions are obvious: it's a nutrient-dense crop that can also soak up excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while protecting oceanic habitats. But if we rush into intensive, large-scale seaweed farming, we risk repeating at sea our past agricultural mistakes on land (2,798 words)

Meet The Archive Moles

Lucy Scholes | Prospect | 25th January 2023

Bringing out of print books back into circulation requires a lot of unseen literary detective work. The hunters scan through old book reviews and obituaries, check out library books nobody has borrowed for decades, follow leads left by long-forgotten taste makers, scour every secondhand bookshop, and chase down vanished titles that appeared on long ago prize shortlists (2,381 words)

And now meet the internet moles. Here at The Browser, we're searching through every day's output, to bring you the very best - five outstanding articles, a video and podcast daily.

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