Secret Devotion

The Secret Code Of Beauty Spots

Cecile Paul | Messy Nessy | 15th April 2022

Brief history of the artificial beauty spot or mouche, the tiny decorative fabric patches that were all the rage in 18C London. These black blotches were "solely applied for the purpose of inviting attention". A patch at the corner of the mouth conveyed "impishness", whereas putting one on the cheek indicated a desire for flirtation. Only the proud applied them to the forehead (1,512 words)

Play And Devotion

Lawrence Weschler | Orion | 29th March 2022

Account of a visit to London's Natural History Museum with an exuberant Oliver Sacks. He once considered becoming a "gentile zoologist in California", and still loves a display of invertebrates. Afterwards, having seen sea cucumber specimens, he moves the interview to a Chinese restaurant so he can eat some. "Very rarely does one get to eat something this primitive," he enthuses (2,181 words)

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