Shadow Taste

Sound Shadow

John Cotter | Guernica | 13th March 2023

On the many and varied frustrations of going deaf. "As time passes, as the hearing aids become insepara­ble from my sense of self, I’m coming to view the hearing world with not resentment but confusion. How can it be so easy? Hearing people laugh at a joke when I didn’t know words were spoken. They adjust themselves in space without looking. It’s exotic to watch them" (3,285 words)

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On Taste

Thomas Kaminski | Claremont Review Of Books | 24th May 2021

The concept of taste in art originates in an individual's unique, physical sense of taste. Yet we still mediate the idea of "good taste" through collective filters: what is in vogue, what received opinion dictates, and what experts say. To escape this we must admit that some encounters with art are more meaningful than others. "Either you have experienced the power of art or you haven’t" (4,046 words)

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