Silliness Sharks

The Rest Is Silliness

Brin Solomon | VAN | 25th January 2024

The emotional landscapes in classical music are not all spiritually transcendent. There is great art to a comic take on the master works, as the composer Peter Schickele demonstrated with his satirical alter ego “P.D.Q. Bach”. “Dear Mr. Beethoven, I loved your symphony so much I mashed it up with ‘Camptown Races’ and also there’s a double reed slide music stand involved now” (1,500 words)

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What Do Sharks Eat?

Paul Richards | Field & Stream | 17th October 2023

Everything. Sharks live in all of the world’s oceans and will consume anything they find. Fish, crustaceans and molluscs might be what we would expect as their core diet, but there are species that eat sea birds, reptiles, and sea weed. Adult bull sharks will even eat each other, while tiger sharks, “the garbage bin of the ocean”, have been known to consume rubber boots, coal and human limbs (1,000 words)

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