Singer Vision

Peter Singer

Tyler Cowen | Conversations | 7th June 2023

Interesting throughout, of course. Topics include animal rights, Darwin, aliens, altruism, war, children, AI, human nature, Parfit, Vienna, Freud, retirement. Some signs of mellowing: "There’s the issue of how we compare the value of human lives  with the lives of nonhuman animals. I don’t think animals are equal in the sense that their lives contain equal value with that of humans" (10,070 words)

First Impressions Of Vision

John Gruber | Daring Fireball | 7th June 2023

So many wild claims have been made in the past about the imminent triumph of fancy headsets (Magic Leap, Google Glass, Meta) that one may reasonably hesitate to be taken for a fool yet again. But this is Apple; Apple gets stuff right in the end; Gruber knows from Apple; and Gruber says it's good. So if this is the iPad moment in VR after a decade of Newtons, remember, you read it here first (4,200 words)

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