Skin History

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Getting Under The Skin

McKenzie Prillaman | Grow By Ginkgo | 10th January 2024 | U

On the past and future of insulin. Just over a hundred years ago, it was extracted for the first time from cattle to be sold as a diabetes treatment. In the 1970s, it became possible to manufacture it synthetically by injecting bacteria with DNA. Today, the price can fluctuate wildly. But one day soon, we will likely be able to modify our skin cells to be “own miniature insulin factories” (2,300 words)

The Un-Brie-Lievable History Of Tyromancy

Jennifer Billock | Saveur | 16th November 2023 | U

Tyromancy is the art of telling fortunes with cheese. It dates back to the 2C, via the writings of a diviner named Artemidorus of Daldis. It was popular in the Middle Ages for finding love: suitors’ names were carved into cheese, and whichever one grew mould first should meet you at the altar. This tyromancer can read any kind of cheese, including vegan, but a Kraft single must be torn up first (800 words)

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