Slow Cost

Slow Down, Do Less

Akielly Hu | Grist | 1st February 2024

Conversation with philosophy professor and Marxist scholar Kohei Saito, whose book Capital in the Anthropocene became a bestseller during the Covid pandemic. He is interested in the redistributive potential of degrowth; a deliberate shrinking of the global economy. In his vision, it is accepted that economies do not grow forever. Sharing existing wealth, he argues, will enable a better life (2,000 words)

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The Cost Of Inflation In Prison

Phillip Vance Smith II | JStor Daily | 1st February 2024

The 13th amendment to the US constitution banned slavery and forced labour “except as punishment for a crime”. Thus, the incarcerated can be required to work and do not have to be paid a living wage, or any wage at all. This has been the case for nearly 150 years, but inflation hikes have made the problems it causes all the more acute. Costs go up, but the pay remains the same for decades (1,900 words)

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