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The Formalisation Of Social Precarities

Ambika Tandon, Aayush Rathi et al | Data & Society | 17th April 2024 | PDF

Eye-opening report on app gig work, focusing on how the norms of US outfits like Uber have mapped onto other class and labour systems. In India, gated communities surveil gig workers to an astonishing degree. In Brazil, "motoboy" couriers are stereotyped as criminals. And in Bangladesh, domestic workers are abused because they are managed through a digital intermediary (23,000 words)

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The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Alexandra Wilson | Critic | 27th March 2024

Concerts once drew bigger crowds than football matches. Now the idea that classical music is an elite, rather than a popular, art form has "spread like Japanese knotweed". What to do? "We must suppress our nervousness about being labelled 'snobs'... We must vouch for it without limply falling back on the utilitarian argument that it makes a contribution to GDP" (2,000 words)

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