Soul Searching

All Souls Politics Exam

All Souls College, Oxford | 2016-2022 | PDF

Past paper for the last six years of the All Souls prize fellowship exam. Candidates sit four three-hour papers, only two of which can be in their own subject. In each, they must answer three questions with as much originality as possible. Questions on this politics paper include: "Has the Cold War ended?", "Why not anarchism?", "What explains civil wars?", and "Is populism an ideology?" (2,354 words)

Searching For Zarahemla

Emily Fox Kaplan | Pipe Wrench | 6th December 2022

Some Mormons believe that the events described in their holy book took place in northern Guatemala and southern Mexico. This journalist joined a package tour revealing the region to the faithful. "I think I find Mormons so compelling because Jews don’t have any certainty about anything... 16 million-plus Mormons, one set of very specific answers to pretty much every question imaginable" (8,012 words)

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