Sound Right


Bartosz Ciechanowski | 22nd October 2022

What sound is, and how sound works, from first principles, beautifully illustrated by inline animations. Each one of Bartosz Ciechanowski's explainers is a museum-quality gem. We have thrilled in the past to his essays on watches and cameras. By the end of this one you will have a schematic idea of how synthesisers and speakers work, and Fourier transforms will hold no terrors for you (7,900 words)

The Right Amount Of Hegel

Tom Whyman | Art Review | 13th December 2022

Archivists have found thousands of pages of notes recording lectures on art given by Hegel at Heidelberg in 1816-1818. Should we be excited? Up to a point. Hegel is one of the all-time great philosophers. But the scale and density of his published writings are already enough to daunt scholars and defy lesser readers. His work might be more widely appreciated if we had less of it, not more (1,700 words)

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