Space Playground

Space Filled Me With Sadness

William Shatner | Variety | 6th October 2022

Extract from the actor's co-written memoir describing his trip to space in Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space shuttle. "I discovered that the beauty isn’t out there, it’s down here, with all of us... It was among the strongest feelings of grief I have ever encountered. The contrast between the vicious coldness of space and the warm nurturing of Earth below filled me with overwhelming sadness" (1,266 words)

Revisiting The Playground

Jon Winder | History Workshop | 17th October 2022

Prompt to consider the history of a familiar structure: the children's playground. The idea that children require a dedicated place for play is a recent one — they first appeared in Britain in the mid 19C. Especially in densely populated urban areas, their value seems clear. Yet studies show that children can play anywhere with anything. Do playgrounds diminish this faculty? (1,025 words)

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