Space Vertigo

A Weekend Pretending To Be In Space

Sarah Scoles | Scientific American | 10th July 2023

Space exploration sceptic visits Biosphere 2, a 3.14-acre glass house in Arizona used for "analogue astronaut" experiments. "It looks like a large RV that belongs to a small cult. In the living quarters, mattresses lie head to toe on the floor against metal walls.  Farther back — after we crawl through a tunnel — is a room glowing purplish from grow lights that shine on a little stable of plants" (2,299 words)

Mattresses and plants are all very well, but what can one read in space? May we suggest the full Browser? We send five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily, to keep you entertained in the vast emptiness of space. And/or your living room.

Overload, Dizziness, Vertigo, Trance

Stephen Piccarella | n+1 | 10th July 2023

Account of what it is like to suffer from an obscure set of balance and visual processing disorders. Convalescing from such conditions requires a very conscious rejection of the world as it is today: "I have to resist the urge to scroll endlessly, to play music every time I take a walk or tackle a chore, to watch TV with every meal, end every workday with a drink, read every time I take the subway" (3,129 words)

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