Spark Madness

A Spark Extinguished

Ian Johnson | China Books Review | 19th October 2023

Extract from Ian Johnson's much-admired new book, Sparks, about China's "underground historians", an informal movement of disparate individuals working at great personal risk to provide a factual account of China's modern history, often contradicting the "official" history written and rewritten by the Communist Party to erase the Party's monstrosities and bolster the Party's legitimacy (4,800 words)

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The Lure Of Madness

Lorna Collins | The Polyphony | 20th September 2023

A reviewer "who has experienced madness" reviews Lure Of Madness, Alastair Morgan's study of Adorno, Foucault, and anti-psychiatry. "As I am reading, I find myself (my hallucinations) reacting violently. I do not usually include my visionary perspectives in an academic review. but these experiences seem to show something valid about the field defined in this book, if not the book itself" (2,080 words)

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