Speaks Alone

Who Speaks English?

Howard W. French | Foreign Policy | 26th September 2022 | U

English is the official language of Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, but students from these countries are often required to take costly language tests to prove fluency when applying to universities in Europe or the US. This measure is "of a piece with a much more systematic, albeit unacknowledged, economic quarantining of the African continent", it is argued here  (1,844 words)

Alone At The Edge Of The World

Cassidy Randall | Atavist | 30th September 2022 | U

Thrilling epic about the Golden Globe Race, in which entrants sail solo and nonstop around the world without modern technology." She felt the stern rise. Sound returned in a deafening roar. Clinging to the post by the radio, she was suddenly looking down at the rest of the cabin. She went airborne as a leviathan of water she couldn’t see but only feel somersaulted the boat" (15,773 words)

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