Star Travel

The Stars Are Blind

Anna Dorn | Granta | 15th June 2022

Confessions of a former astrologist. Charging people to read their stars reminded the writer strongly of her time as a lawyer: in both situations, she used a set of rules to tease out a coherent argument in favour of a particular outcome. It became a personal obsession, a way of making sense of the chaos. "Astrology became a way to organize my universe, in turn making it less frightening" (1,823 words)

Podcast: Scale Back That Revenge Travel | Afar. Ethical travel podcast explores the idea that instead of a rush of travellers seeking ever more exciting "revenge" experiences for the time lost to Covid, the easing of restrictions could popularise a kinder, slower kind of tourism (23m 05s)

Video: How To Keep A Commonplace Book | YouTube | R.C. Waldun. Practical advice on how to bring an ancient form of personal record into the modern age by keeping an analogue record of what you consume. Selection is an art worth practising: "There's no point in keeping your own version of Google," the instructor says (10m 24s)

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