Statement Smell

Roxanne Khamsi | Nature | 22nd June 2022

Notes towards a scientific explanation of why smells can trigger distant memories and the emotions associated with them. It may go back to the womb. One theory holds that the chemical signatures of the amniotic fluid surrounding an unborn baby may be echoed in the mother's body-scent — which is why the newborn baby will instinctively favour its mother's smell over any other smell (2,600 words)

Forer Statements

Scott Alexander | Astral Codex Ten | 26th July 2022

Explaining the Forer Effect, a technique used by astrologers, psychics and interrogators to win a person's trust by making assertions about the person's character which appear to be deeply insightful but which could, in fact, apply to almost anyone. For example: "You have a great need for other people to like and admire you"; "Security is one of your major goals in life" (1,400 words)

Some guesses:

Security is one of your major goals in life. (True of almost anyone.)

Delighted curiosity is one of your major goals in life. (True of almost any Browser reader.)

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