Strong Logic

Chris Dillow | Stumbling And Mumbling | 24th May 2024

Everything is a trade-off between strong and weak links. "A weak-link problem is where success depends upon the quality of the worst component. A strong-link problem is where it depends upon the quality of the best." The US constitution solves "the weak-link problem of protecting Americans from tyranny", but is "not perhaps so good in delivering effective active government" (1,500 words)

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The Logic Of Animal Patterns

Amber Dance | Knowable | 23rd May 2024

Some animal markings, like the spots on a Dalmatian, are generated randomly. Others, such as the stripes of chipmunks and tigers and the speckles on fishes and chickens are the product of complex self-organising genetic systems. Alongside his code-breaking and other work, Alan Turing produced a mathematical theory to explain such patterns, which is still in use today (2,800 words)

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