Sublime Forgiveness

Forgiving Someone Who Isn’t Sorry

Rachel Wilkerson Miller | Vox | 25th March 2022

Advice from experts in reconciliation on how to move past a conflict when the other party isn't willing or able to apologise. Redefining forgiveness as a moral virtue can help; being "good to the one who was not good to you" can take the sting out of fruitless resentment. The act of forgiving can be a justifiably selfish one. Being free of anger towards others is a worthy goal in and of itself (2,245 words)

Tripping The Late Capitalist Sublime

Ed Simon | Millions | 28th January 2022

The boundary between literature and advertising copy is porous: we judge fictional characters by their consumerist choices, and some of the 20C's greatest authors — F. Scott Fitzgerald, Salman Rushdie, Don DeLillo — worked as copy writers. Even when actively trying to break away from the cycle of consumption, we define ourselves through the products we select or don't select (4,982 words)

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