Sulk Control

The Joy Of Sulk

Rebecca Roache | Aeon | 12th May 2023

Sulking is a fascinating form of indirect communication. It only works as long as everyone involved refuses to address the situation clearly. "A sulk is like a magic spell, which is broken if referenced directly. Even a sympathetic mention of it by the target risks giving the sulker something new to sulk about. You cannot sulk if you announce in advance that you’re going to do so" (2,600 words)

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I Asked ChatGPT To Control My Life

Maxwell Strachan | Vice | 17th May 2023

Not an original idea at this point, but worth your time for the sheer chaos and nihilism it exudes. The writer spends a week existing according to a daily schedule ChatGPT sets. The model's insistence that he prioritise "overall wellbeing" quickly becomes ludicrous; the shallowness of what it calls "self-care" is soon exposed. "I do as I am told. I have become a robot-fuelled monster" (6,428 words)

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