Supplying Wordle

How We Broke the Supply Chain

David Dayen & Rakeen Mabud | American Prospect | 31st January 2022

One day you can’t find bicycle parts; the next it’s luxury watches or cream cheese. You might walk into a Burger King and see a sign that says “No potatoes”, or the fries are soggy because there’s not enough cooking oil. Today's shortages are the blowback from decades of Wall Street pressure on big companies to cut inventory and workers, outsource everything and crush competitors (2,700 words)

A Mathematician’s Guide to Wordle

Ali Lloyd | Aperiodical | 1st February 2022

How Wordle compares to Mastermind; and how to win Wordle more easily but not too easily. "The target word list is a set of less than 2500 words. This complicates strategy in two ways: it involves consideration of whether a word has been deemed common enough; and it opens up the possibility of guessing a word which will not be correct, but will rule out enough to make it worthwhile" (2,300 words)


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Browser Bets: Tom Chivers, science editor at and author of How To Read Numbers, places the odds that Boris Johnson survives as Prime Minister until June 1 and that artificial intelligence wipes out humanity (55m 07s)

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