Surreal Omens

The Surreal Life Of A Professional Bridesmaid

Katherine Laidlaw | Hustle | 9th February 2024

Story of a bridesmaid-for-hire — “let me be there for you, this time, if: you don’t have any other girlfriends except your third cousin, twice removed, who is often found sticking her tongue down an empty bottle of red wine”. Skills include: doing the electric and the cha cha slide; holding up the bride's dress; catching the bouquet dramatically; and responding promptly to pre-wedding email chains (2,000 words)

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Bad Omens

Michelle Pfeffer | History Today | 2nd February 2024

February, 1524 was a dreaded time across Europe — astrologers were predicting a huge flood. Londoners gathered anxiously by the Thames, Rome stockpiled grains, German burghers arranged for barges outside their homes. Over 150 pamphlets circulated about these forecasts — “an early modern mass media event”. The flood never happened, leading to widespread derision about astrology (1,200 words)

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