Survive Doubting

Doubting Shakespeare

Elizabeth Winkler | LitHub | 15th May 2023

The argument over whether all of the works attributed to Shakespeare were written by Shakespeare is "the greatest drama the bard never wrote". Academics role their eyes and experts dismiss the possibility, but there is some compelling evidence for the theory. It's also great fun. "There is something delightfully Shakespearean about the Shakespeare authorship question" (2,350 words)

Shakespeare didn't write the articles we recommend. But they're still pretty great. Get more with the full Browser: five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily.

How To Survive A Car Crash In 10 Easy Steps

Anne Lagamayo | Longreads | 11th May 2023

Practical guide to recovering from a traumatic brain injury. "You are so incandescently happy to be alive one moment, and miserable and aimless the next. You no longer coast along the outskirts of life but deep within it, plunged headfirst without a life jacket. Sometimes you miss being excused from the business of living. Other times, you can’t imagine life any other way" (4,437 words)

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