Taste Cola

When You Can Taste Everything You See

Julia Skinner | Atlanta | 2nd November 2022

A food critic with synesthesia explains what it is like to navigate a world in which everything she sees has a flavour. A particular stretch of road "tastes" like blueberry pop rocks, while a nearby building's facade is "caramelly". Sometimes her sense associations produce surprisingly delicious invented recipes, but often not: chocolate cake with raw tomatoes was not a hit (967 words)

Two Conspiracy Theories About Cola

Dynomight | 20th October 2021

Debunking of two ideas about cola beverages. The first states that the classic cola recipe contains enough sugar to make the drinker vomit, but this effect is offset by an anti-nausea drug. The second claims that because Mexican coke is made from "pure sugar" rather than corn syrup, it is healthier. The evidence does not support either theory, and we shouldn't be drinking sugary drinks anyway (2,596 words)

Too much sugar is bad for us. It's sad. But on the plus side, you can read as much as you want. So while you're ditching the sugar, cheer yourself up with five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and podcast, from the full Browser.

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