Temporary Works

A Decade Of Temporary Homes

Rachel Heng | Esquire | 22nd March 2023

An unpromising title, I will give you that. But beneath it is a glorious read about growing up with the ultimate in deadbeat dads. Publicly, dad was a partner in a Singapore law firm with a posh house and a happy family. Privately, dad was a gambling addict who was siphoning off his clients' funds. Then dad vanished. No more dad, no more house, no more happiness. For a while, at least (5,290 words)

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How ChatGPT Works

Stephen Wolfram | Writings | 14th February 2023

I had become so averse to excitable articles about GPTs that I foolishly missed this medium-sized masterpiece when it appeared a month ago. Luckily, I was alerted to its virtues today by Rodney Brooks, who links to it in his own worthwhile note on AI. Wolfram explains here, clearly and schematically, how large language models and neural networks work. No magic, no mystery, but some math (18,800 words)

No magic, no mystery, but some maths: the full Browser recommends five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and a podcast; so that's a total of seven outstanding things. (Ok look, I never said it was going to be impressive maths.)

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