Tennis and Kandinsky

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Real Tennis

Alastair Benn | Engelsberg Ideas | 26th November 2021

Modern tennis is a serious sport in which victory goes to the skillful. Real tennis is a frivolous sport in which victory goes to the lucky. The court is cluttered with obstacles. The ball can go anywhere. "Along with bad luck, comedy and silliness is a strong feature of Real tennis. Even very good players can be made look very silly indeed, simply by the constraints the game imposes on them" (1,090 words)

Rethinking Kandinsky

David Carrier | Hyperallergic | 23rd December 2021

An engaging critique of an attractive painter, which I only wish were twice as long. The current Kandinsky exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York assembles so complete a view of the artist's work as to make possible a net assessment of his genius; and the conclusion, sadly, is that there is less to Kandinsky than meets the eye. The shapes and colours are wonderful, but they lack meaning (1,280 words)

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