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From The Browser Four Years Ago

Barbearians At The Gate
Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling | Atavist | 4th June 2018

Invading bears threaten the New Hampshire town of Grafton — or so Grafton's  residents believe. They may over-reacting. But since they include a higher-than-average incidence of libertarians, anarchists, and llama-breeders, things are liable to get twitchy. "Men standing on the porch of the Grafton Country Store told me that an illegal posse had hunted and killed 13 bears in one day" (9,500 words)

From The Browser Six Years Ago

So Long, Billy Frost
Gentle Author | Spitalfields Life | 8th June 2016

Notes from a conversation with the Kray Twins’ driver, lately deceased. “Reggie pushed Mickey into a storeroom. Ronnie got Mickey in a headlock. Reggie pulled out a big hunting knife and pushed it straight through Mickey’s arm. Ronnie said: ‘Do it properly, stick it up his guts!’ Mickey howled. Personally I didn’t like all the violence, but if you’re going to be a villain then it comes naturally” (1,730 words)

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