Think Umberto

Don't Make Me Think

Blas Moros | Rabbit Hole | 5th July 2023

Maxims for making websites more navigable, many of them excellent and most of them useful in other walks of life. "If you can’t make something self-evident, make it self-explanatory". "Six words is long enough to convey a full thought, and short enough to absorb easily". "Clarity trumps consistency". "The main thing you need to know about instructions is that no one is going to read them" (3,030 words)

But why is no one reading instructions? Perhaps they're too busy reading the full Browser: with five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily, there's no time for dull reading.

Video: Umberto Eco's Library | Davide Ferrario | YouTube | 2m 10s

"Eco’s family members are our tour guides. They read the section titles, shelf by shelf: semiology, demonology, alchemy, Rosicrucians, universal languages, the soul of animals. Let us be honest: you have to be the kind of person who enjoys watching people open books, over and over, to appreciate this film. But if that describes you, it is a treat" — TLS

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