Thinking Ship

What Were We Thinking?

George Scialabba | Commonweal | 11th January 2023

How will today's political morality look to our descendants in the 23C? Here it is theorised that not only will they deplore the inequality in apparently free and fair democracies like the US, but they will also question whether our ideals of fairness and freedom are sufficient. They may well ask "why did you assume that contracts between parties with radically unequal resources could be free?" (4,024 words)

What Happens When A Huge Ship Sinks?

Emma Bryce & Harvey Symons | Guardian | 11th January 2023

Shipwrecks are rarely abandoned to the waves these days. The first step is to contain the cargo and off load it before it can cause pollution or fire. Any fuel and oil on board must be drained. If below the surface, the ship is raised. Then the hull is either sliced into sections with diamond-encrusted wire or blown into fragments by explosives. Each portion is lifted onto a barge and carried away (1,732 words)

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