TikTok Craft

The ‘Enshittification’ of TikTok

Cory Doctorow | Wired | 23rd January 2023

Don't be put off by the strange headline; this is an astute analysis of the life cycle of internet platforms. At first, the aim is to provide value to users, probably while operating at a loss. Then the priority is business users, in the hope of breaking even. Finally, all users are betrayed by the platform as it attempts to make a profit. Nobody is served, the experience is ruined, and the platform dies (4,710 words)

Notes On Craft

Lee Lai | Granta | 5th January 2023

Cartoonist reflects on the geography of the page in a comic book. "A single frame could be a whole busy vignette, a single intake of breath, or more of a fluid roll into the following panel. This awareness of the rhythm between the panel gutters and the page-turning has built up over time. I have sometimes found myself writing my dialogue deliberately to fit into left pages or right pages" (680 words)

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