Tiny Power

Tiny Murder Scenes Of Frances Glessner Lee

Nicole Johnson | Al-Jazeera | 11th September 2022

While she was convalescing from an illness in 1929, a fellow patient — a medical examiner — awoke a passion for forensics in the heiress Frances Glessner Lee. She became a patron of the field and in her 50s found her calling as the creator of incredibly detailed dioramas, known as "The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death", which were used to train police on crime scene procedure (3,949 words)

Visibility And Power

Kirsten Voris | The Metropole | 20th September 2022

The Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, home to Gezi Park, has long had a reputation as "a secular playground". In 1155, Genovese merchants received permission to live here according to their own customs, a practice that stuck as ex-pats of all kinds moved in. The opening of the Taksim mosque in 2021 marked the end of an era in which the area had avoided Erdoğan's dramatic development projects (1,272 words)

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