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Economics Of Time Travel

Stuart Mills | Seeds Of Science | 19th December 2023

If we think that time travel is impossible in the current state of science but will become possible in the future, then we probably need to account for why nobody from the future has shown themselves in our time. Perhaps we are just too dull to be worth visiting, a waste of energy. Even so, might we incentivize a time-traveller to make the journey? Stephen Hawking had a similar idea in 2009 (7,000 words)

A Conversation With Angus Deaton

David Price | Richmond Fed | 19th December 2023

Deaton defends the "deaths of despair" thesis for which he and Anne Case shared the 2015 Nobel Prize in economics, arguing that mortality rates have been rising since 1999 among working-class white Americans, reversing centuries of progress, because falling living standards and falling social status have driven middle-aged men without college degrees towards drugs, alcohol and suicide (4,580 words)

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