Tree Price

Environmentalism In One Country

Dylan Levi King | Palladium | 15th June 2022

A brief history of trees in Korea. The Japanese planted lots of them during their otherwise condemnable occupation — but cut them down to fuel the 1930s war effort in China. Kim Il-Sung reforested North Korea because he liked trees. Kim Jong-Il razed his father's forests for timber and farmland. Kim Jong-Un is putting the forests back again to mark his differences with Kim Jong-Il (4,600 words)

The Price Of Authenticity

Tim Harford | 16th June 2022

Andy Warhol's Shot Sage Blue Marilyn set an auction record for a 20th-century artwork when it sold for $195 million at Christie's in May. Why do Warhol's works fetch such prices when they are so plentiful and copies so commonplace? Perhaps because Warhol anticipated the economics of art in an age of digital reproduction: The more ubiquitous the image, the more valuable the original (835 words)

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