Trip Leopard

The Trip To Rose Cottage

Cal Flyn | Granta | 17th February 2022

Letter from Swona, a small island off the northern tip of of Scotland which has been uninhabited for almost 50 years, and for the preceding 50 years was home to a single family, the Rosies, whose house survives just as it was when the last Rosie left in 1974. The kitchen table is "sitting ready for a meal, with a jar of marmalade, tinned milk powder and a box of biscuits at its centre" (2,300 words)

Fight To The Death With A Leopard

B.P. | Stuff Nobody Cares About | 12th February 2022

From the memoirs of the explorer and taxidermist Carl Akeley, published in 1923, comes this gripping account of a hand-to-hand fight with a leopard: "I fell to the ground, the leopard underneath me, my right hand in her mouth, my left hand clutching her throat, my knees on her lungs, my elbows in her armpits. Her body was twisted in an effort to get hold of the ground to turn herself" (2,040 words)


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