Ugly Poetry

Why Is Everything So Ugly?

The Editors | n+1 | 7th December 2022

You can walk for hours across New York City without seeing anything that is both new and beautiful. We have at our disposal the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies in human history, yet the environment we make for ourselves is a "drab sublime" of flat-pack furniture, municipal infrastructure, home electronics and commercial graphic design. Who asked for all this? (4,100 words)

Can AI Write Authentic Poetry?

Keith Holyoak | MIT Press Reader | 7th December 2022

There is plenty of fun to be had seeding GPT-3 to write prose and make pictures, then laughing at the off-kilter weirdness of the results, which have strayed of late deep into the uncanny valley. But what of poetry, which abolished all conventions a century ago, and now strives for unusual effects? Might AI poetry be equal or superior to that of humans? The short answer is, "Yes, but ..." (3,400 words)

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