Uniform Thread

Every Strand Of Thread

Ben Harper | Boring Like A Drill | 4th August 2023

Recommended for beauty of language. Music for detuned violin is not my bag, but the descriptions here are pure poetry. Lisa Streich’s Falter is "made out of feathery arpeggios occasionally anchored by a barking low note"; Soosan Lolavar’s Every Strand Of Thread is "a rough and hairy piece even in its most delicate sections, modulated by guttural buzzing, thickened timbre and faint rattles" (630 words)

From The Browser Eleven Years Ago

Chicks Dig The Uniform

Maria Farrell | Crooked Timber | 26 August 2012

What it's like being married to a soldier when the soldier goes off to war and when the soldier comes home again. Both are stressful in their different ways. "The army has actually created a Powerpoint slide to illustrate the highs and lows of the soldier’s return, from, ahem, the first moments of joyful reunion to the inevitable and explosive fight that comes between 36 and 48 hours later" (1,800 words)

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