Universal Rage

History Of Universal Basic Income

Karl Widerquist | MIT Press Reader | 7th March 2024

Book extract. The idea of allowing “every individual to have access to the resources they need to survive without conditions imposed by others” stems from prehistoric societal dynamics, and is still seen in the “common land” maintained by small agrarian communities. Bertrand Russell and Virginia Woolf were fans. But rising nationalism could derail modern attempts to implement it (4,700 words)

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Rage, Waste And Corruption

David Runciman | Guardian | 7th March 2024

On the lingering effects of Covid-19. “The disease turns out to be its own metaphor. We are all suffering from political long Covid now. The early drama is over. A series of misfortunes has replaced it.” Lockdown solidarity has evaporated, in favour of depleted public finances, a mental health crisis and social stagnation. Although Covid was not a war, it feels as though we are recovering from one (4,700 words)

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