Unleash Technology

Unleash The Mississippi

Boyce Upholt | Hakai | 12th July 2022

The Mississippi — a massive river that drains "32 US states and two Canadian provinces, from Alberta to New York to New Mexico" — has for centuries been restricted to suit commercial interests. Now, its ecologically vital delta is facing unprecedented land loss and the proposed solution is artificially to free the stream's course, which could have its own negative consequences (5,628 words)

Our Technology Sickness

Micah Goodman | Sources | 30th May 2022

Thoughts on technology addiction from a scholar of Judaism. "Our lives are being transformed by three grand bargains. The intellectual bargain: we have more knowledge but less capacity to concentrate and focus. The social bargain: we are much more available but much less attentive. And most importantly, the emotional bargain: we are much more connected, but much less empathetic" (4,218 words)

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