KeepCup Collection

Today, we're recommending a video and a podcast. In the full Browser, there's a video and a podcast every day - plus five outstanding articles. Lovely!

Podcast: Unscrupulous Collection | Bad Seeds. Beginning of a promising new podcast series that answers the question "what if we made true crime, but about plants?". This first episode tells the story of the black market in stolen plants, using a 2020 raid in Italy that recovered 1,000 succulents stolen from the Atacama desert in Chile as the case study (31m 49s)

Video: The Rise & Fall Of The KeepCup | YouTube | Sustainably Vegan | 10m 57s

Thoughtful video essay about the triumph of marketing that is the KeepCup — a reusable, but not necessarily practical, glass travel mug that was first sold in Australia in 2009. It became the must-have symbol of the ethical consumer in the 2010s. "I was devoted to my KeepCup. It was the signal that I was single-handedly saving the planet."

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