Zoozve Two


Latif Nasser | 26th January 2024

Zoozve is not a moon of Venus. But it’s also not not a moon of Venus. Quasi-moons are the solar system’s weirdos: objects that orbit the sun while being gravitationally linked to a planet, they seem to be dancing to the beat of their own drum. They can also switch planets — Earth currently has at least seven quasi-moons dancing around it, and probably flung Zoozve over to Venus 7000 years ago (1,300 words)

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The Atom Bomb And The Two Cultures

Jeroen Bouterse | 3 Quarks Daily | 29th January 2024

Against the backdrop of nuclear war, American physicist I.I. Rabi opposed a model where science dealt purely in facts and outsourced questions of value to disciplines like the humanities. Scientists had been used to create the bomb, but had not been consulted about its use. “To the politician, the scientist is like a trained monkey who goes up to the coconut tree to bring down choice coconuts” (4,600 words)

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