Poison Pyramid

My Poison Snake

Erika Kobayashi | CrimeReads | 29th June 2022

Memoir about growing up with parents attempting to translate the entire Sherlock Holmes canon into Japanese. "My earliest years were spent in a version of Victorian England located in Nerima, Tokyo." When her father died not long after completing the great work, her mother honoured their life's obsession and "wore a deerstalker hat as she carried the urn home" from the crematorium (1,148 words)

Journeys Of The Pyramid Builders

Daniel Weiss | Archaeology | 13th June 2022

A cache of papyri discovered on the Red Sea coast has provided new insight into the lives of the people who constructed the great pyramids at Giza. Logbooks reveal the structures of the workforce, as well as what its members ate, where they went and why. One archaeologist describes these records as the closed thing to going "back there for fifteen minutes to see what was happening" (3,486 words)

The Ancient Greeks named the great pyramid at Giza as one of the seven wonders of the world. If they'd had The Browser, it might have been harder to narrow things down.

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