Uphill Note

Biking's Greatest Uphill Achievement

Braydon Bringhurt | Bicycling | 3rd November 2022

Read the first sentences, and decide if you are minded to continue: "The trail begins at 10,000 feet in the La Sal Mountains, among the aspens of Burro Pass. After an uphill prelude it plunges 8,000 feet into the red-rock canyons near the Colorado River. It’s a feast with every Moab flavor: sculpted slickrock, cliff-edge single track, and descents that rattle the fillings out of your teeth" (7,400 words)

Author's Note

Robin Sloan | Trespassers | 10th November 2022

The unwalling of GPT-3, DALL-E and similar engines has unleashed a deluge of texts and images generated by humans exploiting AIs. Sloan, something of a veteran in both writing and computing, describes here his experience of working at Google's invitation to produce an AI-generated short story meeting the critical norms generally applied by humans to fiction. Not easy, apparently (1,125 words)

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