Utopia Cheaters

Whence, Wherefore, Whither Utopia?

Deanna K. Kreisel | 3 Quarks Daily | 26th September 2022

On the contemporary lack of utopias. The Victorians loved to use fiction to speculate about a better future. Now, the word "utopia" evokes "impossibility, naïveté, and dunderheadedness". Bleak as our prospects may often seem, this kind of earnest thought experiment is a necessary part of taking action: "We need at the very least to have some ideas about what we want on the other side" (2,397 words)

The Death Cheaters

Courtney Shea | Toronto Life | 29th August 2022

Dispatch from "Longevity House", a members' club for biohackers in Toronto. The founder is open about his treatment. Is it snake oil? "He concedes that the machine probably doesn’t do anything that you can’t get from a daily journal practice or meditation. But people aren’t interested in those things, which are generally free and unsexy and don’t look good on social media, he says" (4,804 words)

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