Vulnerable Care

The Vulnerable Internet

Matt Burgess | Wired | 2nd November 2022

Egypt is the epicentre of the world's internet. It is estimated that 17 per cent of online traffic travels via underwater cables that surface there. Other routes are either too expensive or go through war zones. This Egyptian "chokepoint" is highly vulnerable, as was shown earlier this year when two of these cables were severed and entire countries (Ethiopia and Somalia) lost connectivity (1,816 words)

A Locus Of Care

Justin E. H. Smith | Hinternet | 15th October 2022

Remembering the French philosopher Bruno Latour, best known for his work on the narrative consequences of scientific discovery. "Bruno Latour was honest and generous, and I don’t think there’s any question he took up that was not, for him, a true matter of concern. He was one of our era’s best guides between the eternal Scylla and Charybdis of dogmatism and scepticism" (2,919 words)

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