Waking River

Waking-Up Times, In Order

Daniel Lavery | Chatner | 27th July 2023

Get up at 5am "for the novelty, if nothing else". Arising at 5.30am is inexplicable: "You are a doctor of some kind? You have, perhaps, very small children?" while 6am comes with issues; "My God, what time are you going to have lunch?" Virtue kicks in at 8.30am, as "you’re a man who likes his pleasure, but you know when to buckle down and begin the work." Anything after 9 is simply Too Late (815 words)

Whatever time you wake up, make sure you have some excellent reading on hand. The full Browser sends five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily, so you can always start the day right.

A River Runs Through It

Julia E. Ault | Central European History | 24th April 2023

Fascinating academic paper about the environmental and political history of the river Elbe in East Germany. During the GDR years, the water became heavily polluted from industry and failing infrastructure — a fact greatly resented by West German neighbours downstream. But even in the most restricted periods, the river still connected East Germans to the rest of Central Europe (8,730 words)

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