Walking Centaurs

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Walking America: Washington, DC

Chris Arnade | Intellectual Int-ing | 25th January 2022

Chris Arnade seems to be reinventing the long walk as a literary genre, combining a lively record of the passing scene in words and pictures with reflections on what these glimpses of local life can tell us about the condition of American society as a whole. Described here: a 12-mile walk through Anacostia and on to the White House; a 13-mile walk from Alexandria through northern Virginia (2,540 words)

Becoming A Centaur

Janet Jones | Aeon | 14th January 2022

The average horse weighs half a tonne, makes instantaneous movements, and "can become hysterical in a heartbeat".  In evolutionary terms, humans are predators and horses are prey. So how do riders ever control their mounts? It helps that horses are sensitive to touch, so physical signals travel easily from rider to horse. But mainly, rider and horse must somehow understand one another (3,000 words)


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