Watches And Talkies

Swapping Gear For Watches

Conrad Anker | Hodinkee | 3rd January 2022

Veteran climber explains why, on a 1993 trip to Kyrgzstan, he swapped some top of the range climbing gear for two timepieces: "a Soviet watch that didn’t work and a 'Breitling' of unknown provenance". The monetary value mattered far less than the memory of the chess and vodka enjoyed together. Collecting watches is, for him, a way of isolating moments in time. On a climb, timing is everything (1,634 words)

The Ten Best Films Of 1931

Kristin Thompson | davidbordwell․net | 1st January 2022 | U

Annual list, always interesting. Having begun 14 years ago with 1917, the author has now arrived at 1931, a year in which "a small handful of filmmakers mastered the 'talkies' and made movies that look and sound as if they could have been made years later". Highlights include John Ford's scientific thriller Arrowsmith and an intriguing Japanese silent film Tokyo Chorus (5,546 words)

Video: "A Boy Like That" | YouTube | Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett. Spine-tingling rendition of the West Side Story duet from a 1962 TV special. The audience starts out giggling, but is utterly silent by the end (3m 57s)


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