Weird Money

LinkedIn Got Weird

Rob Price | Business Insider | 25th September 2023

LinkedIn, once a social network used for recruitment and professional connection, is undergoing a fundamental change. Remote work has blurred the boundaries between home life and work life, and a younger generation more accustomed to online transparency is rapidly altering its culture. Vulnerability about divorce and bereavement is suddenly the norm, as is high concept satire (2,960 words)

What If Money Expired?

Jacob Baynham | Noema | 14th November 2023

On the work of late 19C German economist Silvio Gesell, who proposed that money should decay over time. The nature of money should better reflect the goods for which it is exchanged, he argued. If crops decay, so should the currency that buys them. Alongside this, private ownership of land would be abolished. He believed that this would bring "natural selection" into the economy (5,060 words)

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