Whale Paradox

Rare, Precious, Smells Like Whale

Tess McClure | Guardian | 26th August 2022

Dispatch from time spent among the ambergris gatherers of New Zealand. This strange waxy substance comes from the intestines of sperm whales and is "cured" by exposure to sea and sun. It is prized by perfumers for its scent but hard to identify and is often mistaken for stones or dog poo. Hunters are territorial and competing collectors have been known to issue threats (1,410 words)

The Economy And The Paradox Of Technology

Samuel Gregg | Engelsberg Ideas | 30th August 2022

Overview of the relationship between technology and economics over the last two centuries. At best, we can declare the results of this modern technological project to be mixed, especially in the financial sector. "While technology has helped diminish uncertainty and risk in some areas, it has proved incapable of eliminating human fallibility, weakness or our inability to know everything" (2,515 words)

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